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This collection contains work by artists using holography alongside the products of companies working in the commercial sector. They are listed here under three headings:


These classifications are based on the specific works in the collection. Some individuals work in more than one aspect of holography for example both Art and Display holography, but may not have both aspects represented in the collection.

Most of the artists and holographic companies represented in the collection are listed here and entries are added frequently.


Andrews, Matthew

Beguiristain, Inaki
Benton, Steve
Benyon, Margaret
Berkhout, Rudie
Boyd, Patrick
Braun, David

Casdin-Silver, Harriet
Coates, Elizabeth
Connolly, Bob
Cope, Jonathan

Copp, James
Cossette, Marie Andrée
Cowles, Susan
Cullen, Gary

Dawson, Paula
Desbiens, Jacques

Fairfax, Jo
F (UK)

Giebels, Pim

Habighorst, Karsten
Harman, Mary
Harris, Ken
Hawkins, Caius
Hopkins, Anthony

James, Randy
John, Pearl
Jung, Dieter

Kac, Eduardo
Kaufman, John
Krantz, Eric

Law, Linda

Mallroy, Ron
McIntyre, Jim
Miller, Peter
Mitton, Jon
Mitamura, Sunsuke
Molteni, William
Moree, Sam

Nakamura, Ikuo
Newman, Paul
Nicholson, Ana Maria
Nuñez, Ruben

Ohlmann, Dietmar
Orr, Edwina

Palmer, Caroline
Pepper, Andrew
Pizzanelli, David

Randazzo, Dean
Reber, William
Richardson, Martin
Robb, Jeffrey
Ross, Jonathan
Rush, Amy

Sandström, Äke
Scattergood, Paul
Schreiber, Matthew
Schweitzer, Dan
Silberman, Rick

Tunnadine, Graham

Vila, Doris

Wall, Martin
Waller-Bridge, Michael
Welby, Dominic
Whitehead, Rosetta Pierra



Advanced Holographics
Akilov, Aleksandr

AKS Holographie
AP Holographie

Applied Holographics

Battin, David A
Baumber, Kevin

Bausch & Lomb
Bjelkhagen, Hans
Blyth, Jeff
Brodel, Jonathan
Burder, David
Burridge, Mike

Carter, Michael
Christakis, Anne-Marie
Collins, Jonathan
Cross, Lloyd

Dichromate Inc

Fairstein, John
Forth Dimension Holographics

Gauchet, Pascal
Gentet, Yves
Geola Technologies Ltd
Ginn, Ian

Hamson, David
Hardy, Nick
Hess, Bob
Holographic Arts Co
Holographic Design Systems
Holographic Film Co

Jeong, Tung

Lieberman, Larry
Light Fantastic
Lines, Adrian
Liti Holographics

Medora, Mike
McCormack, Sharon
Miller, Doug
Multiplex Co
Munday, Rob
Muth, August
Moore, Lon

National Physical Laboratory

Olson, Ron & Bernadette

RabbitHoles Media
Rabbit Tanaka Corp
Richmond Holographic Studios
Russian Holographic Studios

Saxby, Graham
Spierings, Walter
Spindler & Hoyer

Third Dimension
Tverdokhlib, Igor

US Holographics

Webster, John


A D 2000 INC
American Banknote Holographics
Applied Holographics
CFC Applied Holographics

Broadbent, Don
Burns, Jody

Chromagem Inc
Colour Holographic

Diamond, Mark
Dai Nippon

Electric Umbrella

Foster, Mike

Holex Corporation
Hologram Industries

iC Holographics
Infox Corp

Light Impressions

Op Graphics

Pilkington PE Ltd
Polaroid Corp

Spatial Imaging

Toppan Printing Co. Ltd

The collection can be viewed by appointment and work by some of the artists may be purchased through HOLOGRAMS-3D.
Please contact Jonathan Ross if you require any further details.

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