Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection
Nick Hardy


Reflection hologram on silver halide film
25 x 20cm

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Nick says:
"I made various holograms of artifacts from the Leeds city museum collection.
They were my first holograms. Must be about 1980.
Needless to say museum objects didn't sell very well so I quickly moved on to more "commercial" stuff.

The fertility dolls are genuine, but it is obvious which is the very old African piece, and which is the more modern Western influenced design.

The Dolls were from the Ashanti tribe of Ghana. I also made a few pieces which were special editions, 360 degree views.

A similar item in the same range was 10x8 "Yoruba Twins", which were 2 rough carved dolls joined with twine, from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. There were all sorts of other items used for 4x5 inch holograms.

Agfa was still coating a thick polyester base in 1980. 8E75 HD, later they used triacetate 8E75 T3 HD.
The Dolls is a single beam reflection hologram, processed in Pyrochrome and painted on the back with Humbrol matt black, I started laminating the back with self adhesive shortly afterwards as painting is such a hassle and so expensive. The film was indexed to glass while exposing."

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