Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection

Here are just a few of the articles, press clippings and reviews about the Jonathan Ross Collection.

  Art Form Hiding Its Light
In the Seventies holography was all the rage.
John Windsor on a victim of fashion.
The Observer Newspaper, 25th November 2001

In an important way, holography has changed the way that I see the world.
Chris Titterington
3 x 8 +1 Exhibition catalogue, October 1994.

  A guide to tripping the light fantastic
Holography has been around as an art form since the Sixties, yet it remains largely ignored in Britain.
John Windsor
The Independent Newspaper, 15 th February, 1992.

The Best of British
A varied set of works from four UK holographers.
Graham Saxby
British Journal of Photography, 30 April 1992.

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