Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection
Image of CDWritten by Jonathan Ross, this digital CD based presentation is not only an historic ‘document’ but gives a unique insight into the potential of creative holography as seen through one of the most extensive and important private collections.

The Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection CD-ROM takes you on a guided tour of this unique collection using 72 screens of information illustrated with over 330 images.

Included is an introduction to the collection and detailed discussion of selected works from the areas of Still Life, Portraiture & Figure and Abstraction. If you are curious about the potential of creative holography, considering curating an exhibition or simply want to know more about this fascinating medium, the extensive text and illustrations on this CD will provide you with an unsurpassed resource.

The full text of the presentation can be printed out in its entirety, for future reference, and versions with colour or black and white illustrations are included.

Details of each artist/producer are listed with titles, hologram type and dimensions.

The CD-ROM is designed to work on any computer (Mac or PC ), with a modern web browser installed. Two versions are included:

The Animated version which offers a sumptuous, and leisurely, visual tour using animated text and images. This needs the Flash plug in (which is installed on most computers).

The Classic version presenting a more rapid tour for users without Flash or with a lower specification computer and browser.

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