Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection
Caius Hawkins


8"x10" reflection hologram
Silver halide on glass
Multi-channel image with projected real image of 19th century cartes de visite
Signed and numbered 32/50
Provenance: The Hologram Experience, Liverpool

Multiple views shown here:

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CAMERA view 2 A label on the back reads as follows:
A note about the limited edition

The master of this hologram was made with the help of Icon Holographics
who supplied me with studio time and staff; the hologram may never
have worked without the technical contribution of Frances Tuffy, who
was then working at Icon.
In return for their help, Icon were given the transmission rights for the
hologram. Before going out of business Icon made a number of transmission
copies, mainly on film.
The number on the front of the hologram applies only to the number of reflection
holograms of the 'Camera' to be made before the master is destroyed at
Lacock Abbey near Bath, the birth-place of photography in Britain.
Caius Hawkins
CAMERA view 3
CAMERA view 4
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