Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection

White light transmission hologram Mirror Backed.

Silver halide on glass.
4 x 5 inches

In 1993 Andrew Pepper and Eric Krantz met, for the first time, at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.

Pepper was a member of staff in the Media Art Department there and Krantz had been invited by Dieter Jung, Professor for Media Art and head of the holography unit, as a research fellow.

They collaborated on a series of experiments together in the hope of developing new work and establishing a system for artists to use colour mixing in a direct and spontaneous way. The results were a number of experimental pieces of which Colour Study was one. The work which came out of this very fruitful working relationship has become known as the "Art of Collaboration Series", and been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions around the world. 

Andrew Pepper
Born 1955, Nottingham, England.

Eric Krantz
Born 1961, Fort Riley, Kansas, USA.

Andrew Pepper and Colour study at Gallery 286.
Andrew Pepper and Colour study at Gallery 286.

Although their aim was to produce visual results, they also wanted to make their new techniques available to a wider audience and so wrote two papers, which were presented at international conferences. One concentrated on the technical aspects, explaining how the pieces were produced, the other looked at collaboration and aesthetics. Both are published by SPIE.

Single exposure color mixing technique for rainbow "shadow" holograms, Practical Holography 8, San Jose, California, USA. Eric P. Krantz and Andrew T. Pepper, SPIE proceedings Vol 2176, 1994.

The art of collaboration: a conflict of disciplines or constructive relationship.
5th International Symposium on Display Holography, Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, USA, Andrew T. Pepper and Eric P. Krantz. SPIE proceedings, Vol 2333, 1994.

Collaborative Work

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Artist Statement
Point, Line, Plane Addition
Collaborative work, with Eric Krantz.
Gallery 286 Exhibition 2001

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