120° integral hologram, film.

The great Italian charmer (Mastroianni) captured looking rugged (a bit rough), puffing a ciggy.

Other works in the collection but not illustrated here:

B52s 1977
120° integral hologram, film

Combines live action of the 70s popgroup filmed on a turntable with a real image of a walkie-talkie

360° Integral hologram, film
3 pieces 9.5”x19”, spliced

An excellent commercial hologram incorporating all sorts of film special efects and computer generated material

FRAME Late 70s
Image by Ken Kobland
360° Integral hologram, film
3 pieces 9.5”x19”, spliced

Unusual image - tracking past a street of clapboard houses with a central section of similar footage superimposed, rather like a rearview mirror. Perhpasp the circular format suggests that in certain areas of America this sort of scenery goes on forever.

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