Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection
Third Dimension



5"x4" holographic shadowgram

Silver halide on film

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10”x8” reflection hologram on film (holographers Jeff Blyth & Mike Medora)

A company, formed by Ian Lancaster with Jeff Blyth as holographer, which pioneered the sale of holograms into the gift shop market. Later run by Martin Richardson.



Title Unknown 86/500 Title Unknown 86/500

Signed D.Jackson and P.Dunn

Reflection hologram on film

According to Paul Dunn, the story of the hologram is briefly as follows:

The main shareholder at Third Dimension (Soloman Balas) aslo had a controlling share of a glass blowing company.  During a visit to them we discussed a method of making glass images of faces by making a sand imprint as a glass 'mould'.  The main glass blower had a friend also visiting (described as a local gay icon - but that is probably something that was more personal).  He had a fantastic face so I asked if they could use his face and allow me to make a hologram of the glass mould.  The intention was to make only two or three and display the glass sculpture in front of the hologram.  The results produced a stunning mix when lit  together.

We were asked for several copies and Soloman decided we should make a limited addition but obviously without the glass sculpture.


Reflection hologram on film

Holographic stereogram footage shot from helicopter above New York by David Burder.
Hologram by Third Dimension



5”x4” reflection hologram on film

Gift of Martin Richardson.

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