Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection
Rick Silberman
The Meeting


25 x 20cm
Reflection hologram

Silver halide on glass in 49 x 41cm frame with broken flute glass on wooden platform.

Signed and dated
Edition # 12/24

Provenance:  Light Fantastic,
Roger C Knight Collection

Rick Silberman gives the background to The Meeting

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Rick Silberman says:

“Ball and Jacks was the first art edition ever completed, and commissioned by the MOH. It also may have been the first hologram art edition, in that quantity, which consisted of original plates, that were not pulled from a master, certainly the first commissioned edition of Shadowgrams.”


4” x 5” reflection hologram
Silver Halide on Glass

Edition No 50/100

Gary Zellerbach Collection

This hologram was originally offered for sale through the Museum of Holography, New York, which had a larger version in its permanent collection (now at MIT).

Their 1980 bookstore catalogue pointed out that ‘These bright green multiple exposure “shadowgrams” demonstrate great depth and a delicacy of design.  The ball floats a full 5” in front of the plate, and appears so real that you are tempted to touch it, only to find out that it is, indeed, just focused light’.

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