Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection
Gary Cullen
Laser Box


2.5" x 4.75"
Laser transmission hologram.
Silver halide on film.

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Gary Cullen said "I made holograms of Ted Maiman's (the worlds first functioning) laser in April 2010, they were given as gifts to speakers at the 50th anniversary of the laser symposium that was held in Vancouver May 16th and 17th. The laser transmission holograms are mounted in a 5x5x5 inch box of my own design with built in laser. I have a few of the holograms left. If you are interested in purchasing one contact me at

Price for the hologram box is $70 including postage in the US and Canada and $80 anywhere else in the world including postage. I only have about 15 or 16 holograms left and they need to be mounted into boxes so give me some time to put them together."



Laser transmission hologram.
Silver halide on glass
11” x 14”

Gift of the artist




Enlarge image

Exhibition catalogue, 1978
Surry Arts Centre,
British Columbia.

Gary commented: “Here's some history on the piece. I made it in 1977 at the age of 23. That was about a year after making my first hologram which was in April 1976.

The image was my prediction of the coming death of regular still and movie photography, being replaced, of course, by holography. I was totally wrong but it was still the early days of holography and many of us holographers back then liked to think the medium would progress quickly into something really amazing.
By early 1978 I'd started working with dichromate. I wanted to use it for making brighter reflection art pieces but I was going broke buying equipment. By mid 1979 I'd worked out my own dichromate process and I started selling dichro discs to help pay for the equipment. The idea was still so I could continue making artistic pieces. The demand for the discs was instant (thanks a lot to Posy Jackson at the MOH) and I was quickly swamped with orders for dichromate's. 22 years later in 2001 demand finally ceased. I never did get back into artistic holography.”


Gary Cullen.

Taken in 1985 at Holocrafts lab (early configuration), by Richard West.


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