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Published in Dan Schweitzer




5” x 7”
Flat integral hologram

When I first saw Dan Schweitzer's 'Movie Theatre' in 1978, I realised that holography was a medium that I might like to get involved with. Compared with the eerie green reflection holograms that were prevalent in the UK in the late 1970s, "Movie Theatre'" was in joyous rainbow colours. It had humour, and it moved! As you walked past the hologram, the man on the movie screen, who I later found out was Dan himself, reached out as if to grab a member of the audience from their seat. Well it certainly grabbed me and  was the impetus to invest in my first holographic business. In this work Dan juxtaposes a rainbow hologram of a sculpted scene, of the sort which dominates his oeuvre, with an integral hologram (made from a short movie sequence) of the type that Hart Perry's Holographic Film Company was popularising in New York at that time. It conjures up the corniness of 3D movies where the filmmaker is always trying to poke the audience in the eye with something, and at the same time creates an image that is uniquely holographic.

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