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14” x 9.5”
White light transmission hologram

Dan Schweitzer with "Thendara" and the model used for the hologram.

Photo © Nancy Safford





Just wanted to let you know how honored and pleased I was to see Thendara, installed in your place. It's so gratifying to know that someone appreciates the work. As for the title, it's actually a rather interesting story . It was the name of the home my grandfather had built for my mother's family just outside Philadelphia. As the story goes, that family was one of two that my grandfather had, and my mother's was the false one, complete with a made up surname(Seton). As you can imagine, there are many extrordinary stories centered on this unusual character, complete with a diary of one half a life, that I came across which was the motivation for the title. I thought that officializing the name Thendara, would somehow make my Mom feel proud of what till then was an intriguing embarrassment to her.The name is acrtually a Native American word meaning "place with a big tree"It was also appropriate in this case as I often use the idea of a tree outside a window to explain the holographic paradigm ie parallax.

Note from Dan Schweitzer to Jonathan Ross


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