Jonathan Ross Holography Collection

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Fourth Shelf

Fourth Shelf






Super Laser Hologram Caps
Moulded plastic discs + 2D/3D embossed holograms on cardboard display pack
Manufacturer: Imperial Toy Corp. 1994

Space Specs
Plastic spectacles with holographic diffraction grating lenses on carboard display pack
Manufacturer: Nasta Ind.Inc.1977

Dimension Disc
Plastic disc with holographic diffraction grating in cardboard pack
Manufacturer: Loncraine Broxton & Partners Ltd. 1980s

Plastic robot on cardboard display pack
with FREE 3D GOBOT STICKER - 2D/3D embossed hologram
Manufacturer: Tonka Corp 1985

Holographic Sunglasses, various designs: Pirate Skull, Snake, Skull, Smiley Face
photopolymer hologram lenses
Manufacturer: unknown


Shock Spex: Skull design
Metal frame sunglasses with photopolymer hologram lenses
Manufacturer: Direct Holographics 1995

Marvel Super Hero Sunglasses
2 od 2 Xmen: Cyclops, Wolverine vs Apocalypse
Plastic sunglasses with photopolymer hologram lenses
Manufacturer: Polaroid/Marvel Comics

Laser Spex - aviator frame
Metal frame spectacles with pink plastic diffraction grating lenses
Manufacturer: White Light Works, Los Angeles 1979

The Beatles
Dichromate gelatin hologram pendant
Manufacturer: Unknown

HoloShades: Skull/Citroen design
Plastic sunglasses with reflection holograms on lenses
Manufacturer: unknown British 1985

Mobile phone housing; Skull design
moulded plastic with photopolymer hologram
Manufacturer: Innovatory Housing

Optical toy with difraction grating
Manufacturer: DZ Holographics? c. 1990

Batman Returns
Die-cast metal figure on carboard display pack with embossed hologram authentication sticker
Manufacturer: The Ertl Co.Inc. 1992 Holographer unknown
3-D Wink Specs
Plastic spectacles with lenticular lenses
Manufacturer: Accoutrements 1995



Laser Spex

plastic visor-style spectackles with holographic diffraction lenses
and 4-colour printed cardboard display panel
Manufacturer: Armageddon Enterprises 1980s

Canvas bag with embossed hologram disc
Manufacturer: iC holographics

Sci-Fi Comic sweatshirt
child’s sweatshirt with embossed hologram and silkscreen design
Manufacturer: Light Impressions for Marks & Spencer

Holographic High-heels
Women’s Shoes with diffraction grating design
Manufacturer: ‘Night Life’ U.S. c.2000

Polaroid Spectra System
Onyx camera package with photopolymer hologram
Manufacturer: Polaroid

2 Hologram watches: Fish and Globe designs
with colour dichromate gelatin faces in plastic cases
Manufacturer: Holocrafts

Hologram LCD watch: Clown design
with photopolymer face
Manufacturer: US Holographics?

Double Blinking Eye paperweight
glass block with 2-channel embossed hologram (prototype)
Manufacturer: Light Impressions



Unknown Manufacturers

Some of the items in the Cabinet are by Unknown Manufacturers.
Any help in identifying the holographers responsible would be appreciated.


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