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HoloZone Zap Caps

Printed cardboard withphotopolymer 3D hologram
Manufacturer: US Holographics

YoYo Turbo Sparkler
Metallised plastic with embossed holographic diffraction pattern
Manufacturer: DaMert Co. 1990

Super Naturals (5 characters: Scary Cat, Rags, Weird Wolf, Mr.Lucky, Hooter)
Toy (Action figure)
Moulded plastic with photopolymer hologram details
Manufacturer: Tonka 1986

Spiderman ‘Venom’ Hologram Puzzle
Embossed 2D/3D hologram laminated to card
Manufacturer: Marvel/UCC Distributioin Inc. 1995

Mind Bender Holographic Puzzle
Embossed 3D hologram on magnetic substrate
Manufacturer: Light Fantastic

Super Natural : Thunderbolt
Toy (Action Figure)
Moulded plastic with photopolymer hologram details
Manufacturer: Tonka 1986


Visionaries : Cryotek, Cindarr, Darkstorm
Toy (Action Figure)
Moulded plastic with photopolymer hologram details
Manufacturer: Hasbro 1987

Sunglasses with 3D Money hologram
Moulded plastic with photopolymer hologram lenses
Manufacturer: Unknown

Face to Face videocassette
video tape in plastic cassette and cardboard packaging
with hologram authentication label
cassette manufactured by Touchstone Video
hologram manufacturer unknown

Dichromate Gelatin discs
3D holograms recorded on DCG on glass substrate with cover glass
Various Manufacturers:
Don Broadbent - Ankh, Dice, Glitter Star, Nefertiti
Richard Rallison (IDC) - Pyramid, Dice, Eye, Madam Butterfly, Broken Glass,
Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius, Rose, Spiral
also Eye design on plastic substrate
Unknown Manufacturer: Roman Coin, Jesus, Pegasus, Lion, Rose, Dragon, Unicorn
Cogs (full colour image)

Mobile phone screen covers
2 designs: Hooded Skull, Lizard Eye
photopolymer 3D hologram mounted on card
Manufacturer: Op-Graphics

4 Spooky Tales
Childrens’ Books in carry case
Books with embossed holograms incorporated in the cover and illustrations
Manufacturer: Templar Publishing with holograms by OpSec International 1999

Computer Generated World
White light transmission hologram in display
Circular hologram on film in plastic display with lightbulb and cable
Manufacturer: Unknown (US)

Ariel Future
Plastic sachet with embossed holographic diffraction pattern
Manufacturer: Unknown (US)

Pepsi Holiday Cutouts
Christmas Decorations
Carboard with embossed hologram laminate
perforated to create decorative shapes
Manufacturer: Unknown (US)

M& S Silky Soft and Opaque Tights
Clothing packaging
Printed card with embossed hotfoil hologram detail
Manufacturer: Unknown (UK)

Piper Heidsieck
Drinks packaging
cardboard with printed paper wrapping with embossed hologram design
Manufacturer: Unknown (UK)

Museum of Modern Art pencils
pencils and erasers with holographic diffraction pattern in plastic case
Manufacturer: Unknown (US)

Visionaries : Mortded, Lexor
Toy (Action Figure)
Moulded plastic with photopolymer hologram details
Manufacturer: Hasbro

Trading Card
Printed card with photopoylmer hologram ‘Skydisc’
Manufacturer: Skybox International

Hologram of girl undressing on photopolymer disc
Manufacturer: Craig Newswanger/Applied Corp.

Spiderman Skydisc
Photopolymer hologram on embossed hologram on metal disc
Manufacturer: Polymer hologram by Skybox International

Youngblood Skydisc
Photopolymer hologram disc in CD case
‘Limited Edition’ 0808 of 6,000
Manufacturer: Polymer hologram by Skybox Internationa

Childstar CD by Marc Almond
CD in cardboard packaging with embossed hotfoil hologram lettering
Released by Some Bizarre

The Cult ‘Some Temple’
CD sleeve
black plastic with embossed hologram label
Manufacturer: Unknown (UK)

A Retrospective of House 91-95 Triple CD
CDs with cardboard sleeve and hologram label
Holographic design by Chris Levine
Hologram by Spatial Imaging
Client: Total Record Company Ltd.

Skid Row ‘Youth Gone Wild’
CD with holographic design
Artwork by Chris Levine
Manufacturer: Applied Holographics
Client: Atlantic Records

Boyzone ‘Father and Son’
CD with hologram on Sleeve liner
‘Holomovie’ by iC Holographic/Spatial Imaging
Client: Polydor 1995

Mike Oldfield “Tattoo” Live at Edinburgh Castle EP
CD with hologram on sleeve liner
Computer generated hologram by Spatial Imaging
Client: Warner Music 1992

Suzanne Vega ‘Book of Dreams’
CD with photopolymer hologram on sleeve liner
Limited Edition 4292
Hologram by Polaroid
Client: A&M 1990

Back Street Boys ‘We’ve Got It Goin’ On’
CD with hotfoiled holographic stereogram on cardboard cover
Holographer unknown
Client: Zomba Records 1996


Unknown Manufacturers

Some of the items in the Cabinet are by Unknown Manufacturers.
Any help in identifying the holographers responsible would be appreciated.



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