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In the past year or so I have noticed some developments in holographic print techniques, as a result of the new products from International Holographic Paper (IHP) and Proma Technologies. I first spotted some issues of the US publication TV Guide which looked a bit different whilst doing my regular search for Hologram Books on eBay , and then read an article in Holography News about a children's book called The Adventures of Snooky Under the Sea. This was devised by Brian J. Monaghan of IHP to demonstrate his company's unique capabilities but was sadly published posthumously, following his death from a rare type of cancer.

Some promotional material from Proma describes the TV Guides as being the result of "Custom holographic imagery, custom print graphics, HoloPRISM® holographic paper and print-to-register technology" and the combination of full colour print and diffraction graphics is certainly eye-catching. It will be interesting to see if any other enterprising publishers adopt it.


Jan '06

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