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Founded in Metz, France,  by Francesco Mazzero, AP specialised in large format holograms, making superb displays for museums and advertising. Francesco now deals in opals and spends much of his time in Ethiopia.


Hamish Shearer ran a gift shop in Covent Garden and seeing a commercial potential for holograms founded a company to mass produce them. The first British holographic plc, Applied moved into security printing and packaging materials and has mutated several times over the years and absorbed much of the competition. Currently trading as OpSec.


A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Kevin went on to be Technical Director of Light Fantastic, designing and making commercial holograms of all sorts.  Passionate about hot-rods, he lives in Lincolnshire.


Studied Physics at imperial College London and began to work full-time with holography shortly thereafter. His skill and perfectionism has made him in much demand from commercial companies but he continues to operate his own studio producing high quality full colour holograms. When not in the lab he is sometimes to be found in his tree-house in the Essex woods.

STEPHEN BENTON   1941 - 2003

Inventor of the Rainbow Hologram and holder of 14 patents in optical physics and photography. Steve worked at Polaroid,  taught media arts and sciences at MIT and was also the director of the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies.  An inspirational figure in the field, he did more than anyone to bring artists and scientists together.


Born 1940, Britain, is recognised as a pioneer of fine art holography. Since her first solo show in 1969 she has exhibited her holographic art work world-wide. In 2000 she was honoured by HM the Queen with an MBE for her services to art. She now lives in Australia.


Born 1960. MA in Holography from the RCA and an Artist in Residence at the Museum of Holography New York, Tsukuba University, Japan, Academy of Media Arts, Cologne and  the Holocenter in New York City.  Has exhibited internationally.  Currently lives in Wales, works as a freelance photographer and keeps bees in his spare time.


Started making holograms 1968, becoming one of the first artists to work in the medium. Her early work explored both abstract and object-based images, more recently focussing on issues of feminism, the human form, the aging process, death, and issues of identity. She collaborated with holographers all over the world.


Founded by Mike Medora and Nigel Robiette in 1997 for the development of colour holograms, their work does what it says on the tin for clients such as Warner Bros and Diageo with  holographic posters advertising movies, drinks etc. Now producing high-end true colour images as well as animated stereograms.


Born1966. Produced large format reflection and multi-colour transmission images at the RCA,  moving on to run hologram production company LAZA. Formed his own company, 3D Vision, specialising in all areas of 3D media. Moved over to product design and management at the British Museum then into a new career in music. Currently resides in London.


Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, Geola manufactures lasers and systems for digital holography with both commercial and fine art applications, making holography accessible to a wider range of participants.


Born a long long time ago in a country not so far far away.  Ken came to the medium initially as an extension of his art practice but went on to develop it for its commercial potential, designing robotic machines to make holograms in the 1990s. Lived for many years between the UK and the USA. Now Technical Director of 3DAG in Switzerland.


Born London 1968. Works with reflection and transmission silver halide holograms in multi-media contexts.  Has exhibited world-wide and currently works for the University of Southampton teaching holography to students of all ages.


Born in 1946. A pioneer artist in multi-colour silver reflection holograms, working from 1974-1996. Most famous images: multi-coloured rock fragments from stones collected near the San Andreas earthquake fault. Has lived in Point Reyes Station, California for the past 39 years. Currently makes stereo 3D photographs.


Active for many years in most areas of  hologram production, his Florida based company, Holographic Images, was the first to manufacture pseudo-colour holograms in large editions. He produced his own artwork and collaborated with a wide variety of artists. Currently working as a jeweller and trying to get back into art holography.


Beginning as a gallery in London, LF promoted all aspects of holography before going into manufacturing, originally of display holograms and then embossed foil products for promotions, security and publishing.  Based for many years near Loughborough in Leicestershire, they developed a nice range of children's books illustrated with holograms - beginning with the landmark publication 'The Mirrorstone'.


 Co-founded in 2000 by Paul Christie, born 1978, and his father Brian, to develop applications within the retail signing, merchandising, and point of purchase environments.  Paul graduated in holographic & three-dimensional display technology at MIT, one of the world’s leading media labs. His Masters Degree work is currently being patented by MIT.


Born 1962.  Was involved in design and model-making for commercial holography during the mid to late 1980s . Studied holography at the Royal College of Art. His holograms use drawings combined in layers and colour mixed to animate vertically as the viewer moves towards the hologram. His subject matter often derives from nature, landscape and evolution, using museum specimens and children's book illustrations as a starting point.
Currently works in medical education and pathology.


Born 1949. After returning from 7 years in Latin America and Brazil as a musician, he began holography in 1983, producing pseudo colour artwork in his own studio, followed by mass production DCG at Raven Holographics.  Established Colour Holographic Ltd in 1997 manufacturing full colour holograms in a variety of formats and coating specialist holographic emulsions. Still active as a musician.


Pioneering US holographer, Bill taught for a while at Goldsmith's College in London but was mainly based at the Polaroid Corporation in Cambridge, Mass. Currently works for Dupont on holographic photopolymers.


Worked with pulse lasers for holographic portraiture and animal studies at Richmond Holographic Studios and the Royal College of Art before founding his own business, Spatial Imaging in 1991. Since then Rob has continued to be one of the finest proponents of holographic portraiture whilst also developing holography  as a commercial medium. Currently divides his time between England and France when not installing digital holography systems worldwide.


Has worked with holography as art since 1978, exhibiting internationally. Most recently her exhibition 'Portraits in Laser Light' was shown at the Butler Institute of American Art in Ohio and her show 'Into the Night', consisting of large scale holograms and installations, was at the Flux gallery in New York.  She was the co-founder and director for eleven years of the Center for the Holographic Art (Hlocenter) in New York City. Currently lives in San Francisco.


Born 1961. After graduating from the Royal College of Art, where he created holographic light sculptures, Paul worked in commercial holography with Rob Munday at Spatial Imaging.  Currently lives in Herefordshire.


Master of Arts from the London Royal College of Art, majored in Holography.He collaborates with Odile Meulien, researching into our perceptions of a multidimensional world. In holography, Dietmar found a way to play with the time-space-paradox, and his artworks have been shown internationally in several exhibitions and private collections. He lives with his family on the border of France and Germany, and consults with companies that use four dimensional displays in marketing and education.


Born 1955. Uses reflection holography to explore the use of drawing, gestural marks and the manipulation of shadows.  Was one of the first artists to submit practical work (a collection of holograms) as the main element of his fine art doctoral research at the University of Reading, UK.  Lives and works in Nottingham, UK


Studied at the Royal College of Art, London, graduating with a PhD in 1994. Now lives in Surrey and works as a freelance consultant in holography.


Born 1958. Gained the worlds first PhD in display holography from The Royal College of Art in 1988.  He has made holograms of many famous people, including film directors Martin Scorsese, and Alan Parker, the artist Sir Peter Blake, the writer Will Self, and  worked with rock star David Bowie, creating 3-D promotional material for the album ‘hours’. He is currently Professor of Modern Holography at De Montfort University, Leicester.


Directed by Edwina Orr and David Trayner, RHS was a major source of high quality holography in the 1980s and provided courses attended by  and subsequently jobs for many of the British holographers of that decade.


Born 1965. Works in holography, light installation and lenticular photography. Darwin scholar at the Royal College of Art and artist in residence at the Eden project. Lives and works in London.


Born 1980. Amy was an intern at the Center for Holographic Arts in New York and then a Fellow at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, culminating in  an international travelling exhibition called Rainbow Galactica, focussing on white light transmission holography. Her new work in progress, Holographic Love, uses holography as a subject matter as well as medium and looks at its place across media.


Born 1967. Studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Royal College of Art. Matt lives part of the time in Miami , Florida, where he has holography lab and partly in Brooklyn, where he works on laser art.


A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Graham has produced holograms and lenticular prints for a several public art commissions and numerous commercial applications. He lives in London.


Born 1950. Her work with holography frequently involved large installations incorporating video and sculpture. Lives in Brooklyn and continues to work in multiple media.


A partner in London based studio Laser Light Works, active in holography during the 1980s. Now lives in Lincolnshire.
He is a survivor of the 2005 tsunami.

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