Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection
Willis Museum
Images of work and installation views of the exhibition at Banbury Museum Oxfordshire

An abbrieviated version is on show at:

The Willis Museum, Basingstoke, UK
3rd April - 22nd June 2010

The "Make a hologram" workshop, at the Willis Museum took place on June 1st 2010. Details here.

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This Exhibition celebrates the 60th anniversary of the hologram, which was invented by Hungarian scientist Dennis Gabor in Rugby in 1947.

The exhibition, devised by Jonathan Ross in association with curators from Banbury Museum and the Oxfordshire County Museum has been mainly drawn from the Ross collection with support from various leading hologram makers. It comprises over 60 holograms, plus display cases containing stereoscopes, anaglyphs and lenticulars -illustrating other types of 3D imaging - and examples of applied holography - books, comics, toys, packaging etc., making it probably the most comprehensive survey of the medium to be seen in the UK.

The holograms on show include a large selection by international artists, alongside examples of the best in display holography. Visitors will see how holography can be used in advertising displays and to document museum artefacts. There is a collection of holographic portraits, including famous faces such as Richard Hamilton, Boy George, and Herbie Hancock, and animated holograms of all sorts. There are holograms of birds and animals and a selection of images designed to appeal to children. Landmark holograms from the past 30 years and the latest in full-colour techniques.

Following its two-month run at Banbury, 'HOLOGRAMS, the first 60 years' will tour to Woodstock, Rugby and Aylesbury. Museums wishing to book the exhibition from March 2009 should contact Jonathan Ross

The organisers of this exhibition would like to acknowledge the kind support of The International Holography Fund

Read a review of the Banbury exhibition by Jim Trolinger

A walk-through video of the installation in Basingstoke.
Willis Museum

View work on show at previous venues

Installation views from:

Buckinghamshire County Museum

Rugby Art Gallery and Museum

The Oxfordshire Museum

previously visited:

The Alton Museum, Hampshire
July 4 – August 29.

Installation views of the Alton Museum show and full list of works included.

The York College Gallery
April 24 – May 22

Buckinghamshire County Museum, Aylesbury
6th December ‘08 – 21st March ‘09

Rugby Art Gallery and Museum  
7th - 31st August '08

View BBC news report on the exhibition at Rugby Museum. (Opens in a new window)

The Oxfordshire Museum
Woodstock, Oxfordshire, UK.
The Oxfordshire Museum website

Banbury Museum, Oxfordshire, UK
Banbury Museum

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