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Cool Holograms & Micro Mayhem


13 - 27 February

Cool holograms

People who were around in the 1980s would tend to think of holograms (if they ever do any more) as those eerie green images (sometimes red or orange) occasionally found in gift shops, or the rainbow coloured ones on comic books or cereal boxes.

Those were certainly the dominant types used by the hologram industry of which I was a part in those days, but from the 1970s onwards there has been a different palette available to artists and designers who prefer a cooler look to their work, more akin to black and white photography or the hand-tinted images of the Victorian era.
Jonathan Ross

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Micro Mayhem

Over the last year I have been exploring two totally new (to me) mediums.     Lenticular imaging and macro photography.

Finding that travel was limited with two young children,   rather than recording documentary images as I did with my sterographic holograms.  I decided that it might be easier to create little scenes in my studio in Monmouthshire.

As in a lot of situations,   I came to the conclusion that less was more,   I simplified the scenes down to a few basic elements.
Patrick Boyd


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