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Published in David Pizzanelli



13 x 18cm
Full colour digital holographic stereogram

Portrait of Emmett Leith, Steve Benton and Yuri Denisyuk
Made by Geola from photographic sequence by D.P.

David says: " It was at the last Lake Forest symposium that was actually held at Lake Forest outside Chicago, in 1994, I think Emmett Leith and Yuri Denisyuk were standing near to Stephen Benton and I asked the three of them to come over to a clearing by some trees, so that I could take some stereo photographs. They looked a bit awkward, with their arms folded in silence, as they each realised they were posing for a memorial photograph. Then Steve suddenly put his arms around the shoulders of Yuri and Emmett, as if to say "let them remember us this way" and they all relaxed and smiled. That last sequence, of seventeen stereo photographs, was used to make the hologram."

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