The following details were published here in 2002 to coincide with Matthew Schreiber's exhibition at Gallery 286.

Matthew Schreiber is a Miami-based artist whose current work is principally produced in the form of holographic stereograms - moving holograms derived form video and film-based imagery. He trained at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Royal College of Art in London and when not creating his own work, assists James Turrell on international projects.


My subject of CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) has held my interest for the past year. I consider the work in this exhibition as finished pieces and as studies for a larger work to be completed in 2003.

In July of 2002 I began an Artist Residency at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York. The lab (presided over by James Watson as in Crick/Watson Double Helix discovery) specialises in Genetic Research and Neuroscience. At the lab I have begun research that will result in several short video interviews. In December I will return to the Lab to start the second portion of research and clarify a collaborative project for the exhibition. CPR and more specifically, Life Support Systems, will be the focus of the work.

The Work. (All produced in 2002)

On show in the Red Gallery

This piece was made specifically for the Red Gallery with materials brought from America, borrowed from friends in London and found here in the garden shed.

Every piece of the object has a specific function, the result being that the balloon slowly fills and then exhales air. The balloon itself is a switching device.

Alien Abyss
On show in the White Gallery

I shot Digital Video of my wife Benedicte and some neighbours play-acting scenes from two movies. One side of the holograms show “The Guy’s Chest About To Explode” from Alien. The other side is the “Revival Scene” from The Abyss.

I was testing ‘Point - of -View Editing’ to see how it works with a
stereogram. How does the narrative fall apart and how does it read backwards? How can the viewer relate to the gaze?


Here I am testing a shattered or non-linear action. Images repeat along each line of holograms and on opposite sides of the glass. I wanted to see
how the same images would have different content according to their location.


I have always wanted to experiment with Lenticular Photography. I intend
producing large format back-lit images as 3D stills from my video and holographic work.

Drawing of Loop

These are working drawings by Benedicte of a proposed stereogram installation. I am working with paramedics from Hollywood, Florida to shoot a complex CPR scene with actors and a professional camera crew. Many of my stereogram studies are for the loop. I still need to experiment with camera
movement through space, and people moving through space, before I shoot the footage for the loop hologram. It will consist of 40-50 stereograms on an approximately 5 metre diameter base. The dimensions will vary according to
the length of the piece or the editing.

CPR Loop Version 1
Video on show in the white gallery hallway

I have an evergrowing collection of CPR scenes from the movies. Right Now I have 35. The loop is 11 min 20 sec broken and After the CPR. I will make several versions of this loop as I increase the collection of scenes. The actual subject of CPR Studies grew out of watching many of these movies.


Here is a survey from my CPR Movie Collection of monitors. I coloured the video to move up and down the spectrum over time.

Shown 2002

recent work by
including an installation of animated holograms inspired by Martin Scorcese’s “Bringing Out the Dead”

November 5 - 19 2002

Gallery 286, London, UK.
Private Views were held on:
Tuesday November 5th 6.30 - 8.30,
Thursday November 7th 6.30 - 8.30

Matthew Schreiber's CV

For more details please contact
Jonathan Ross
Tel: 020 7370 2239
or visit


ARCHER, 2001, a four plate work, is part of the Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection.

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Matthew Schreiber
Matthew Schreiber
Installation view
Installation views of 'Alien Abyss' and 'Uni' in the white gallery
Hologram view 1
Hologram view 2
Hologram view 3
'Puls' Lenticular

Lenticular photograph

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