June 23rd - August 31st, 2000

John Kaufman is one of the pioneers of holography
as an art medium.

Born in San Francisco, California in 1946, he lives and works in Point Reyes, on the San Andreas Fault.
His holograms frequently incorporate found objects and the rocks which are a feature of the coastline where he lives.

Kaufman is an acknowledged master of the 'pseudo-colour ' hologram technique whereby the emulsion of the holographic plate is chemically swelled between exposures to make it sensitive to different wavelengths of laser light. The resultant multi-colour images have a radiance and poetry and a unique beauty that distinguishes them from any other holograms
you may have seen.

He says of this exhibition:

"What makes this group important is its accurate survey of my work. Subject matter, color, aesthetic concerns and hologram types are so well balanced in this group that I think it represents one of the clearest presentations of myself as an artist and person".


The exhibition, in the private gallery of British hologram collector, Jonathan Ross, is the first one-man show of Kaufman's work in the UK.
Visitors are by appointment only.

Private Views were held on
Tuesday June 27th 6.30-8.30pm
Thursday June 29th 6.30-8.30pm

For more information on this exhibition please contact:

Jonathan Ross


Local 020 7370 2239
International + 44 20 7370 2239

Exhibition at Gallery 286
June - August 2000


Work in the exhibition, with price list

John Kaufman's CV

Work in the Jonathan Ross Collection

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