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Born Johannesburg, S. Africa, 1957

I first became involved with holography in I984 and was interested particularly in the application of holography in museums. I set up a holographic studio trading as 3DI and produced an 'Ancient Art Series .

From 1987-1989 I was a student at the Royal College of Art, during this time my direction changed and I became more interested in the kinetic and optical qualities of holograms than their 3-dimensionality. My work was concerned with geometric pattern and the holograms were experiments in spectral colour mixing in space (i.e. off the picture plane).

I was also keen to use holography in an architectural context. After I left the Royal College of Art, I was able to develop some of these ideas when working as a consultant on a research project into the application of holography in architectural glass.

Through my practical experience of working with light I became more interested in its metaphysical aspect and am at present researching a Ph.D thesis on 'Light in Sacred Art'. at the Prince of Wales's Institute of Architecture.












This hologram evolved out of an interest in Tantric geometric diagrams or yantras. In Tantric metaphysics, Sakti is considered to be the immense power inherent in the universe and is both immanent and transcendent. This dynamic force in nature is regarded as an emblem of kinetic energy, which has the potential to transform matter into pure radiance. Each Sakti cluster becomes the luminous sphere of a particular divinity which is worshipped in the centre of the yantra.



These two holograms are part of a series which I made of lines of light. They were intended to illustrate one of the most fundamental qualities about the nature of light, namely that it moves in straight lines according to geometric laws. I was also keen to show how spectral colour could mix in space and was not dependent upon the surface of the picture plane. Holography provided a unique medium in which to explore the dynamic quality of light and colour.

Work shown in the exhibition:


Multi-colour reflection hologram.
Silverhalide on glass.
10" x 8".

Edition #3 10



Multi-colour reflection hologram.
Silver halide on glass.
8" v 10".

Artist's proof.



Multi-colour reflection hologram.
Silver halide on glass.
10" x 8".

Edition number 3/10

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