Jonathan Ross Holography Collection

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20 x 25cm
Full colour digital holographic stereogram on photopolymer

Videos Now Included

Tuesday, 17 December 2013
Published in News

We have always included a "Resources" section on the site as a location for extra hologaphy related information,

We have nowe updated that with a dedicated Video section.  Here you will find a link to the HoloJay YouTube Channel which contains short videos from the collection to give you an idea of how some of the work appears  when viewed from a variety of angles.

Many videos have also been included into catalogue pages to compliment the still images we normally use to document works.



More New Images and videos

Thursday, 05 December 2013
Published in News

We have just added almost 50 new images of work to various sections of the site.

All of these are either larger versions, which are used as the main item image (at the top of each page), or extra images to illustrate multiple views of holograms in the collection.

We hope these enhanced images make your use of the site that bit more valuable.





New Acquisition and updates

Thursday, 28 November 2013
Published in News

A new piece of work, by Italian artist Ferruccio Fabbri, has just been added to the art collection.

This mixed media piece, which includes a reflection hologram and metal cans, was recently donated to the collection by the artist.

Images of other works already in the collection have also been added:

Margaret Benyon's Cat's Cradle

and two pieces by Colour Holographic
Jewel Box and Ganesh are included.
Other updated images are:
Hans Bjelkhagen, Putto

Anthony HopkinsQ8 Players

Mike MedoraRagtime

More images will be updated over the next few weeks.


8.5 x 8.5 cm
Reflection hologram
50 x 60cm
Silver halide on film
20 x 25cm
Silver halide on glass

10" x 8"

Reflection hologram Silver halide on glass.

Part of the Conjugal Series

Images Updated

Tuesday, 19 November 2013
Published in News

We have just updated a number of images across the site.

Each is now a much larger format and we have also added extra views of some pieces in the collection.

Follow the links below to pages with updated images.

If the new image is one of the 'headline' views (directly under the title of the work) you will be able to click on it to enlarge.

Bjelkhagen, Vase

Mitton, Cocaine

Mitton, Orgone

Holocrafts, Various

Holocrafts Watches

Rush, Spinning

Mcintyre, Jack in box

Mcintyre, Medusa

Mcintyre, Nemesis 1

Mcintyre, Nemesis 2

Mcintyre, Nemesis 3

Munday, Helmet

Munday, Moth

John, Kirsti

Harris, Light Man

RHS, Lindow Man

RHS, Midland Bank

Pepper, Line addition

Pepper, Plane addition

Newman, Light form

Holographic Design Systems, Lizards

Light Fantastic, Marilyn

Cullen, Marooned

Nakamura, Memory ll

Lines, Mirror Man

Robb, My Great Aunt

Waller-Bridge, Partial Sym

Pilkington, Dichromates

Jung, Prims

Moree, Eye Space


Guillermo F. Heinze

Wednesday, 06 November 2013
Published in News

Several New images of the work "The Hologram and the Girl" by Guillermo F. Heinze, have just been added to his page.

With the new longer format of the site's pages, we are able to include larger images of many of the works in the collection.

Seen from different views, these five the viewer a greater idea of how the piece functions with its multi-faceted structure.

Go to Guillermo F. Heinze


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