Jonathan Ross Holography Collection

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Holograms in Print

Holograms in Print

Unless Specified All Images Are Embossed Holograms.


Impact Medecin
No.258 March 1988 with embossed hologram by Hologram Industries.

Axes Robotique
No.35  March/April 1989 with embossed hologram by Hologram Industries

A Tribute To Elvis
20th Anniversary Special with full colour 2D/3D hologram on cover

Amateur Photographer
June 23 1983 Multicolour 3D hologram By Ken Harris/Advanced Holographics.
(Same image appears on Light Dimensions catalogue)

Computer + Video Games
October 1991
November 1991
December 1991
January 1992
All with embossed holograms from Light Impressions

June 1998
X-Files Movie Exclusive with a 2-channel embossed hologram on the cover

Dragon Magazine
Issue 200
December 1993 with an embossed hologram on the cover

December 2007 His Dark Materials Collectors’ Edition

Entertainment Weekly
May 2, 1997 with circular embossed hologram

June 1986 3D Hologram by Polaroid (Holovision)

Graphics World
May-June 1987 3D hologram Insert (Mirrorstone Image) by Light Fantastic.

Hit Parader
August 1997 + Ozzy/Black Sabbath 2D/3D hologram

Hit Parader
November 1997 + misregistered 2-Channel 2D/3D hologram

Hit Parader
July 1998 + 2-channel 2D/3D hologram

Le Nouvel Observateur
25 Avril Ou 1er Mai 1986 cover hologram viewed through circular cut-out, forms part of a Philip Morris advert within. Hologram By AP Holographie/Hologramme Europe/JGT/TBW

Motor Trend
January 1993 Multichannel 2D “Trucolor” Hologram - Cutaway Artwork

National Geographic
March 1984
November 1985
December 1988  3D Holograms by American Bank Note Holographics.

New Scientist
4 Feb 1988 3D hologram by Wenyon & Gamble/Advanced Holographics

November 1990 with 3D embossed hologram advert for Motorola Cell Phones

Petersen’s Pro Basketball
December 1993 ‘Shaq Attack’ with ‘Exclusive Oversized Upper Deck™ Hologram’

Print Buyer           
September 1986  Stereogram by Light Impressions

Printing Industries
July/August 1989 3D hologram by Light Fantastic

Pt/Elektrotechniek Elektronica
May 1988 with an embossed hologram from Leonhard Kurz

May/June 1991 Stereogram by Harriet Casdin-Silver/Hologram Industries

Sports Illustrated
December 23 1991 with a full colour stereogram of Michael Jordan, hologram by Sharon McCormack

Super Bowl XXXVIII Houston
Feb. 2004 Collector’s Edition Program

Winter 1 1988 2-Channel 3D hologram by See 3 (Holograms) Ltd.

TV Guide Prototype
X Files Collector’s Edition. Proma Technologies/International Holographic Paper

TV Guide
January 13 - 19, 2001 4 Different Elvis Covers. Proma Technologies/International Holographic Paper

TV Guide
February 16-22, 2002 Dale Earnhardt - The Legacy. PromaTechnologies/International  Holographic Paper

TV Guide
December 13 - 19, 2003 The Lord Of The Rings, Gollum. Proma Technologies/International Holographic Paper

July 1985 3D hologram by Amblehurst


Marvel Comics:

Doctor Strange - Last Rites
MAR 75 with overprinted diffraction foil

Dr Strange – Sorcerer Supreme
50 FEB with overprinted diffraction foil

71 NOV with photopolymer sticker

Fantastic Four
398 MAR with overprinted diffraction foil

Fantastic Four Rise Of Doom
375th Anniversary 375 APR

The Incredible Hulk           
425 JAN 2D/3D Incorporated in 2D printed design

The Incredible Hulk - Ghost Of The Past
400 DEC with overprinted diffraction foil

Max Men Yearbook           
with 7”X5” photopolymer hologram

50 SEPT with overprinted diffraction foil

Spider-Man  Giant Sized 50th Issue
50 SEP with 2D/3D holograms

The Amazing Spider-Man 30th Anniversary*
365 AUG


Web Of Spider-Man*
90 NOV

The Spectacular Spider-Man*
189 NOV *3D Holograms by Kevin Brown - Light Fantastic

Web Of Spider-Man
125 JUN with Bonus 3-D Live Action Spider-Man Holodisk

The Spectacular Spider-Man
225 JUN with Bonus 3-D Live Action Spider-Man Holodisk

The Sensational Spider-Man
#0 JAN lenticular panel on cover

The Silver Surfer
100 JAN with dotmatrix hologram artwork

Thunder Strike
1 JUN with overprinted diffraction foil

No.1 April 88 with hologram sticker

The 100th Issue 2 channel Multicolour 2D/3D

75 NOV with photopolymer sticker

92 JUL with photopolymer sticker

25 AUG with photopolymer sticker

X-Men Anniversary Issue
25 OCT with photopolymer sticker (Autographed)

X-Men Parallax Covenant           
37 OCT with diffraction foil

The Uncanny X-Men 30th Anniversary  
300 MAY with overprinted diffraction foil

The Uncanny X-Men
304 SEPT with photopolymer sticker

Boffo Laffs
‘Historic 1st Holo-Comic’ with 3d ‘Eye’ Sticker

Continuity Comics:
Cyber Rad
Vol 2 No1 3D Hologram By Jason Sapan

DC Comics
Catwoman Defiant with holographic foil title
Robin II- The Joker’s Wild - 1 three different artwork covers with identical 2D/3D Holograms
Robin II- The Joker’s Wild - 2 two different artwork covers with identical 2D/3D Holograms
Robin II- The Joker’s Wild - 3 two different artwork covers with identical 2D/3D Holograms
Robin II- The Joker’s Wild - 4

The New Titans
100 AUG 93 with overprinted diffraction foil

Image Comics
Jim Lee WildC.A.T.S 2
OCT with overprinted diffraction foil

Now Comics
The Twilight Zone
9 JUL with 2D/3D sticker and anaglyph specs

Universal Soldier
1 SEP with 2D/3D sticker

Malibu Comics:
Ultraverse - The Strangers  full cover 3D hologram
Ultraverse - Prototype full cover 3D hologram
Ultraverse - Hard Case full cover 3D hologram
Ultraverse - Exiles full cover 3D hologram
Ultraverse - Mantra full cover 3D hologram
Ultraverse - Freex full cover 3D hologram
Ultraverse - Prime full cover 3D hologram
Star Trek - Deep Space Nine full cover 3D hologram
Bravura #0 - Special Limited Edition


Les Prix Nobel En 1971
Published 1972 By Imprimerie Royale P.A.Norstedt & Söner
Including a Lippmann type reflection hologram on film manufactured by Mcdonnell Douglas Electronics Company, St Charles, Missouri, USA

Science Year The World Book Science Annual 1967
Published by Field Enterprises Educational Corporation including a Laser Transmission Hologram (and red filter for viewing)
Produced in the USA by Conductron Corporation.

The Skook –
J.P. Miller Warner Books Inc. 1984           
Embossed hologram By American Bank Note Company. Possibly the first on a work of fiction?

Hardback books for Children

The Mirrorstone
(Jonathan Cape 1986)
Features hotfoiled 3D holograms by Light Fantastic.

Sphere - Michael Crichton
Macmillan 1987
3D hologram by See 3 (Holograms) Ltd.

Alexander by Edward Lucie-Smith
Art Books International 1992
Including pulsed portraits on silver halide film

Ghost Train by Stephen Wyllie & Brian Lee
Orchard Books 1992
With ‘Six Spooky Holograms’ by Light Fantastic

The Two Wizards by Stephen Wyllie & Julek Heller
Tango Books 1994
With ‘Nine Magical Holograms’ by Light Fantastic

The Haunted Castle by Stephanie Laslett & Nigel McMullen
Dutton 1995
With ‘Six Spooky Holograms’ by Light Fantastic

The Monster Party by Stephanie Laslett & Nigel Mcmullen
Dutton 1995
With ‘Six Spooky Holograms’ by Light Fantastic

The Ghost Pirate by Julianna Bethlen & Brian Lee
Dial Books 1995
Holograms by Light Fantastic

The Ice Witch And The Unicorn by Julianna Bethlen & Octavia Monaco
Tango Books 1997
Holograms by Light Fantastic

Journey To The Haunted Planet by A.J.Wood & Wayne Anderson
Templar Publishing 1995
With ‘12 Cosmic Holograms’ by Light Fantastic

Invasion Of The Giant Bugs by A.J.Wood & Wayne Anderson
Templar Publishing 1996
With ‘10 Creepy Crawly Holograms’ by Light Fantastic

A Night In The Dinosaur Graveyard by A.J.Wood & Wayne Anderson
Templar Publishing 1994
With ‘Ten Spooky Holograms’ by Light Fantastic

Disney’s ‘Countdown To Extinction’ by A.J.Wood & Chris Forsey,
Disney Press/Templar 1998
Holograms by Opsec International Plc (Formerly Light Fantastic)

Scary Fairies by Dugald Steer & Patricia Ludlow
Millbrook Press (Templar) 1997
Holograms by Opsec

Creepy Crawlies by Dugald Steer & Justine Peek
Little Simon (© Templar) 1996
Holograms by Opsec

Monsters by Dugald Steer & Justine Peek
Little Simon (© Templar) 1996
Holograms by Opsec

4 Spooky Tales Hologram Storybook Collection (Boxed Set With Handle)
Including Monster Mayhem, Hubble Bubble,Cauldron Trouble, The Wizard’s Lizard Blizzard And Creepy Castle by A.J.Wood & Chris Forsey,
Templar Publishing 1999
Holograms by Opsec

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
North-South Books 1992Incorporating diffraction foil on cover and illustrations

X-Men Gambit And The Shadow King
Marvel Comics/Random House 1994
Hologram on cover by ABNH (?)

X-Men Havok: The Secret Of Cycops’ Brother
Marvel Comics/Random House 1994
Hologram on cover by ABNH (?)

The Disney Villain Ollie Johnston And Frank Thomas
Hyperion 1993
Hologram on cover by ABNH (?)

Disney's Haunted Mansion Pop-Up Book, Chuck Murphy & Russell Spina ,Jr,
Disney Press 1994

The Wizard’s Lizard Blizzard  by A.J.Wood & Chris Forsey.
©The Templar Company Plc 1996 
Hologram by Light Fantastic Plc.

The Crown (La Corona Del Espacio) by Albert Carey and Fernando Fernandez
Published In Spain 1987 Nutrexpa
Hologram on cover and 16 more inside


Holographic Art- Perception Evolution Future - Brigitte Burgmer 1987 –
Holo-Collage on cover

Virtual-Real Image , The International Exhibition “World Of Holography ‘93”
Catalogue with CG hologram on cover by Shunsuke Mitamura

Holography Marketplace 3rd - 8th Editions
Ross Books 1991-99
with a variety of photopolymer and embossed holograms on the covers and bound in as advertisements

Practical Holography by Graham Saxby Second Edition
Prentice Hall 1994
Full colour embossed holographic stereogram by Applied Holographics

Practical Holography by Graham Saxby Third Edition
Institute Of Physics 2004
Embossed hologram by Light Impressions

Black Market byJames Patterson
Hodder & Stoughton 1986
2D/3D hologram by Light Impressions Europe

Texas Tigress by Sonya T.Pelton
Zebra Books 1985 –
2D/3D hologram by ABNH

House Of Illusions by Ruby Jean Jensen
Zebra Books 1988

The Devil’s Cat by William W.Johnstone
Zebra Books 1987

Cold Whisper by Rick Hautala
Zebra Books 1991

Raptor Red by Robert T.Bakker
Bantam Books 1995

The Lost World by Michael Crichton
Ballantine Books 1995

Triple Header Goosebumps by R.L.Stine
Scholastic Inc. 1997

The Empire Strikes Back by Christopher Golden
Bantam Skylark 1998

Return Of The Jedi by Christopher Golden
Bantam Skylark 1998

A New Hope by Christopher Golden
Bantam Skylark 1998

City Of The Dead by John Whitman
Bantam Skylark 1997

Spore by John Whitman
Bantam Skylark 1998

Eaten Alive by John Whitman
Bantam Skylark 199

Adventures Of Snooky Under The Sea
Karen Monaghan/Maureen Monaghan-Faber/Len Epstein.
Brian J Publishing Inc. 2003 Proma Technologies


Wavefront Vol 1 No 3
3D hologram by Tom Cvetkovich

Wavefront Vol 2 No 1
3D hologram by Tom Cvetkovich

L.A.S.E.R.News Vol Ix No3
3D achromate hologram by Steve Provence

Photographic Journal Nov.1988
3D reflection hologram by Applied Holographics

Holoblad Dec 85/3
3D hologram by Light Impressions

Holographics International from No 1 Autumn 1987 - No 8 Summer 1990 –
Features a selection of holograms stuck on, hotfoil blocked and inserted into the magazine.

Deutscher Drucker Nr.16/16.5 1985 and Nr.13/23.4.1986
Features holograms and articles on holography.

Real Image No2 (Spring/Summer 1985) - No 5 (Winter 1988)
Features a selection of holograms on the covers.

Leonardo Vol.22 Number 3 & 4 1989
Diffraction gratings & various bound-in holograms


Holography: A view in three dimensions 1987
Exhibition at Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley, With an embossed hologram by Steve Provence

Scanbank Report & Accounts 1985
2-colour 3D hologram by See 3 (Holograms) Ltd.

CAP Annual Report 1987
Multilayer 2D/3D hologram by See 3 (Holograms) Ltd.



In June 1983, when Amateur Photographer published its ‘First 3D Hologram cover’ - a 4”x5” 2-colour image designed by Ken Harris - to coincide with the Light Dimensions exhibition at the Royal Photographic Society in Bath, a new era in illustration and a new opportunity for holography had begun. The following year, in March 1984, when The National Geographic Magazine used a 2.5” x 4” embossed hologram of the AmericanEagle on the cover of Vol.165, No.3 of its august journal with a print run of several million, the phenomenon went global.

Prior to that, in 1967, Science Year had included a laser transmission hologram supplied by Conductron Corporation and in 1971 Les Prix Nobel had a reflection hologram by McDonnel Douglas Electronic Co. bound in to mark Dennis Gabor’s award, but both of these were pretty much one-offs of their kind. Embossed holograms on books and magazines, followed subsequently, to a lesser extent, by photopolymer holograms, became considerably more ubiquitous.

National Geographic’s special on The Laser and The Wonders of Holography was followed up in November 1985 with a 5”x4” 2-colour holographic image of a 2 million year old skull and in December 1988 by a full wraparound holographic cover to mark the beginning of their second century of publishing. Neither of these issues contained any feature on holography and the medium was simply being used for its illustrative abilities and, of course , to boost sales.

In the meantime there were some landmark publications: The Mirrorstone, published by Jonathan Cape in 1986, included a number of embossed holograms produced by Light Fantastic, hotfoil stamped onto conventional printed illustrations, to add another dimension to a children’s book by Michael Palin, Alan Lee and Richard Seymour. Also in 1986 Print Buyer magazine was the first to feature a holographic stereogram on the cover with an image of a smiling woman from Light Impressions. In 1985, Zebra Books in the USA began to use a small holographic logo on the front of their pulp fiction imprint to distinguish their product from the reams of competitors, with marked success. In November 1988, The RPS’s Photographic Journal applied a mass-replicated silver halide hologram by Applied Holographics to its member’s newsletter, but until the advent of photopolymer images in the early 1990s this style of holographic embellishment did not really catch on.

There were lots of firsts and probably even more things claiming to be, but until the comics book trade adopted holography it wasn’t getting regular usage in any particular section of the printing industry. It has to be said that Holography and comics were made for each other - the flashy silver foil and rainbow colours of holography meshed seamlessly with the action packed graphics and bold typography long associated with superheroes and their ilk, and comic book cover designers seemed to understand what to do with holography better than anyone in the straight magazine world. Rather than just plonking a square hologram onto an existing cover design they used foil to integrate with the artwork in a truly imaginative fashion.

In the childrens’ books field the designers at Orchard Books, Tango Books, Templar Publishing, and the other imprints that employed Light Fantastic (subsequently Opsec) to produce holograms for them, also did a very nice job of integrating holography with illustration in a more gentle, English style and a charming series of books resulted.

Science fiction and horror were also natural bedfellows for holography and quite a number of paperbacks appeared with 2-channel images of dinosaurs, aliens and ghouls to entice the book buying public.

In more esoteric realms, various holographic journals were the beneficiaries of holograms from a wide range of sources and Real Image, Holographics International, Wavefront, L.A.S.E.R. News and Optische Fenomenen, amongst others, purveyed the latest developments to their committed readerships.

Fashions in illustration come and go, however, and holography, more than most mediums it seems, is at the mercy of their vagaries. Recently there appears to be a fall in the use of holography in print (apart from the everpresent packaging and security uses) but since, to my mind at any rate, illustration uses holography in one of its most appropriate ways, I hope and expect it to return before long.

Jonathan Ross

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